-Our Prices-

Payments only avaible in CASH at the STUDIO

Our Cards


1 Class     30 Chf        validity 1 month

3 Classes   70 Chf        validity 1 months

5 Classes   120 Chf      validity 2 months

10 Classes 230 Chf      validity 3 months

20 Classes 400 Chf      validity 4 months


For 30 Chf               validity + 7 day

(possible 3x at max)


Payments only avaible in CASH at the STUDIO

Unlimited Pass


Unlimited Pass 1 month       220 Chf 

Unlimited pass 3 months      580 Chf

No extension possible.


MANDATORY     100 Chf

*With an unlimited pass, all absences or cancelations less then 6 hours in advance will cost the amount of 20 Chf.

This is why we ask for 100 Chf deposit upon purchase of your first unlimited pass and can be asked again if the 100 Chf has been used.

The deposit (or rest of it) is given back upon request. 


Payments only avaible in CASH at the STUDIO

Registering for classes


You may come to classes as you wish, with no other obligation then to respect the expiry date of your pass and your level. Make a habit to book your space in advance tho, as the number of students is limited. 

For better progress, make sure to come regularly, at least once a week.

Cancellation Policy

We went from 24h to 6h prior class notice to cancel a class reservation. 

Passed this deadline, the class will counted without exceptions.

A Cancelled Class

IWe sometimes cancel classes that have less then 3 students booked. We will send you an e-mail, show it on the schedule and even sometimes text you the info. So keep an eye out before your classes :)