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" Because life is a journey of the Body & the Soul"


Amanda - Amadragona

Relationships & Self Enquiry Coach 

I specialise in helping couples and individuals to navigate unhealthy relating patterns in order to set them back on the path of liberation.

I am the co-founder of Urban Shape Geneva, an aerial arts Studio in Switzerland. Since 4 years we have added to the artistic skills of the school,  the aspect of human empowerment thru Tantra & Holistic Healing.

I am a VITA certified coach, an ISTA certified practitioner and a Samma Karuna certified tantra teacher.

My passion is to bring communities together, diving deep into our shadows to reveal the light, provoque reactions out of my audience and most of all have a great time laughing at the joke of existence.

Whoever you are reading this, I look forwards to having our paths meet

" Mon aspiration est de vous emmener vers la liberté d'être la version la plus épanouie et authentique que vous puissiez être.
Je travaille avec les hommes, les femmes et les couples qui souhaitent casser les codes, sortir de la prison de leur mental et devenir maîtres de leur destinée. "

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