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A journey to fall back in love with yourself

Dunes de sable

You'll find below all informations about this Tantra retreat

I am Beautiful

Imagine yourself

☆゚Waking up in the middle of the mountains in a beautiful villa in Malaga

☆゚ Powerful new year, new beginning ritual for 2023

☆゚ Joining singing, dancing and sharing circles with a group of incredible people, all together exploring your untapped power

☆゚ Practice soul healing work and deep dive into your truest potential

☆゚ Take care of aspects of you that are craving for your care, in the midst of a safe container

☆゚ Take part in powerful tantric ceremonies and shadow integration processes

☆゚ Enjoy delicious vegetarian meals, beautiful outdoors and even pool & jacuzzi between the work sessions

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This Journey is for you 


☆゚You wish to empower yourself and really start the year with a memorable event


☆゚You are not satisfied with the life you are living now


☆゚You are attracted by the tantric arts and wish to have an embodied experience


☆゚You wish to have transformative experience


☆゚You wish to open your heart and feel gratitude


☆゚You’ve been feeling not good enough and you wish to be guided back into self love

Dunes de sable

What is this retreat about ?

Détente en plein air







Embodiment exercices


Connection exercices

Nature elements

And much more…

Yoga à la maison

Why “I am Beautiful” ?


We chose this name because the concept of Beauty is one that is very dear to our society. And the mainstream culture & the media focus on the “outside” beauty, the appearance, the superficial.


We wish to address the Beauty that lies within every single person. The beauty that does not fade with time or that needs any superficial accessory to be called this way. But the beauty or worthiness that comes with the simple fact of being born.


Because “beauty” is such a strong concept in our society, we decided that we wish to give an alternative meaning to this sentence, and have everyone going thru the deep dive that we prepare come out of it and say : “I am beautiful”.

Useful Informations

15 participants maximum

Age is 18 and over

Individual and group practices (everything within consent)

Nudity optional in specific time/spaces

All genders welcome

Good comprehension of English requiered

Vegetarian meals

Dunes de sable

Here is the outline of the schedule

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First Day

Thursday 12.01.23

" The Release"

14h : Arrival

16h : Welcome & instructions


After going thru agreements, presentations and a beautiful first meal, we will be inviting you into a potent first ceremony : The releasing of 2022 Ceremony.

We will be letting go of the pieces of us that are holding us back from the life that we wish for ourselves. This will set the container for the following days and bring you directly into the arts of tantra.

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Third Day

Saturday 14.01.23

" The celebration"

Activities : from 08h to 00h

Today, we will be focusing on finding your ressources, connecting you to WHO you wish to be this year 2023.

It is going to be a magical day, ending with an fun show where you will get a chance to "go on stage" in front of the other participants and allow yourself to shine.

Also, we will be sharing a heart opening cacao ceremony.

Keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change

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Second Day

Friday  13.01.23

" Unleash"


Activities : from 08h to 23h